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Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml

Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml
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Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml

Artikkel: 3046
Tootesarjad: Incognito

Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 2-5 päeva

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Mrs. Incognito fragrance is created specially for the Faberlic company by Thomas Fontaine, a worldwide-renown perfumer.

Fragrance: floral fruity, gourmet.

Intriguing scent of pinkwood and Madagascar vanilla wraps its owner in a savoury cloud of sweet orange and juicy pear notes, adding a silky musk mist to the mysterious look.

The olfactory pyramid is a professional term used to divide fragrances into accords. A fragrance consists of three accords which speak sequentially: top (initial) notes, body notes and bottom (base) notes. The literal meaning of olfactory is “sense of smell”. Mrs. Incognito Eau de Parfum olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: grapefruit, sweet orange, pear.
Body notes: passiflora, plum, rosewood.
Base notes: sandalwood, white musk, Madagascar vanilla.
Main notes: sweet orange, rosewood, Madagascar vanilla.

Package: spray bottle 50 ml.
Best before: 5 years from the production date.
Certificate of quality


Contains: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Linalool, Limonene.


Maht: 50 ml

Tootjariik: Russian Federation

- Incognito

Valmistatud AS Faberlic tellimusel, Venemaa, Moskva, Nikopolskaja tn 4

Kuidas kasutada

How to use fragrance properly?

The aromatic notes sound their best on the body's pulse notes:

  • The wrist joint (where the pulse is measured),
  • The elbow joint (internal side),
  • Behind the ears,
  • The neckline.

Hair holds the fragrance well, it can be sprayed on the neck or back of the head.

To enhance the aroma trail, apply it behind your knees and on the lower inside hem of your dress.

Finally, we recommend that you spray the fragrance upward and enter into the cloud.

How to choose a fragrance?

Rule 1. Do not smell many fragrances at once. Try 3-4 fragrances, this way you will avoid mixing them and can remember the scent.

Rule 2. Do not spray the fragrance into the bottle cap. Try not to smell the fragrance directly from the bottle or sample. Apply it to a blotter or clean tissue. Having chosen the fragrance this way, spray it on your skin in order to understand how it 'lives' on you. The same fragrance can speak differently on you and your friend.

Rule 3. Do not buy the fragrance based on first impressions. Walk a bit with the fragrance on, wait for the body notes (15-30 minutes) that will accompany you during the day after the volatile top notes wear away, and make your choice after that.

Rule 4. Take notice of the weather, climate and situation. Remember that humid warm air spreads fragrance better than cold and dry air. Discreet fragrances are universal, while bright and strong ones are not always good for office or beach. But the latter will not go unnoticed at a romantic date.

Rule 5. Turn the selection procedure into pleasure. Good moos is the best advisor in the difficul

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Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml
Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml
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Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml
Parfüümvesi naistele Mrs. INCOGNITO 50 ml
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