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Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"

Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"
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Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"

Artikkel: 11810
Tootesarjad: Faberlic Kodu

Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 2-5 päeva

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Water-Based Room Spray is formulated entirely with cosmetic components to guarantee ultimate safety and eco-friendliness. It effectively eliminates any unpleasant and pungent odours, leaving rooms freshened pct1with a pleasant scent. Due to its water base this spray perfectly moisturizes the air and helps clean it from dust.

A special spray trigger is highly effective from the very first use. Due to the safe formula, the room spray can be used to continuously fragrance the air at home or in a car salon, and to add a light touch of freshness to soft surfaces and fabrics.

Fill your space with the bright scent that echoes your mood!RST copy

  • Eco-friendly formulas based on cosmetic components.
  • Free from alcohol and chemical propellant gases.
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates unpleasant odours, including cooking, kitchen and organic smells.
  • Moisturizes and purifies air, helps to clean it from dust and tiniest wool fibres.
  • Special trigger for better spraying.pct2
  • Suitable for home, car salon and textile.
  • Gives a subtle scent of spring flowers.

Shelf life:24 months from the production date on the package.

Certificate of State registration

Certificate of quality


Maht: 250 ml

Tootjariik: Russian Federation

- Дом Faberlic

Valmistatud AS Faberlic tellimusel, Venemaa, Moskva, Nikopolskaja tn 4

Kuidas kasutada
  • Push the button above the bottle neck to switch the trigger to 'open' position. Turn the spray away from your face and push the trigger 2-3 times to start spraying.
  • Hold the bottle in a vertical position while spraying and bottom the trigger each time when you push it.
  • Push the button above the bottle neck to switch the trigger to 'close' position.

You may vary the intensity of scent and freshness my spraying more or less.

Remember to do the following before the first use:

  1. Unblock the spray trigger by pushing the white button above the bottle neck.
  2. Turn the spray away from your face and push the trigger several times (up to 10 times if the room spray is used for the first time).

Important! If you follow the use directions but the spraying does not start, untwist the dispenser, push the trigger 2-3 times without taking the siphon tube out of the bottle and close the bottle again. The spraying process will become normal.


  • Use as directed only!
  • Store in a tightly closed bottle, away from food, out of reach of children.
  • If in eyes, rinse them immediately with clean water. Seek medical consultation if necessary.

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Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"
Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"
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Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"
Veesprei-õhuvärskendaja "Kevadlilled"
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